Planet Puppet is born!

1 minute read

As usual, I’m faster to create things than to talk about them.

Last week, after talking with several member of #puppet, I decided to register, and to install moonmoon to aggregate the few Puppet blogs out there in the blogosphere.

The whole aim of this attempt is to provide more exposure to our own blogs (we have a sentence in France which basically says: “union makes the force”). This is not to be confused with Puppet Planet

If you run a blog with a Puppet tag or category from which we can extract a RSS or Atom Feed, then please contact me or drop a comment here, and I’ll happily add it to the Planet Puppet.

There are still some work to do for the site. For instance it looks ugly, has no logo, and there’s no explanation of what it is. My plan is to add this incrementally; I wanted to have first the site up and running. And since I plain suck at graphic design, I’ll wait some Days of Wonder co-worker vacation return to ask them for some help on this area :-)

Meanwhile, do not forget to visit Planet Puppet from time to time (once a day would be good!). It is also possible to subscribe to the Planet Puppet feed.