Software Contributions

Current Work

I contributed several features to QMK which are (still) waiting to be merged. I'm also the maintainer of the OVH provider of StackExchange dnscontrol.

WinRM library

I also developped a WinRM Golang library in use in Packer and Terraform to connect to Windows™ machines programatically.

Puppet Work

From 2009 to 2012 I contributed a few features for Puppet which have now been obsoleted with the latest parser work. Some of my work is still in Puppet (REST Authorization system, HTTP streaming, etc) My last contribution to the Puppet echosystem was to donate the Trapperkeeper Authorization framework to the project.

Nginx Upload Progress Module

Based on the lighttpd upload progress module idea, I contributed the same kind of feature for our beloved webserver Nginx. More information available on the Nginx Upload Progress Module github page.

The Rest

I also contributed various bug fixes or features to numerous open-source projects (Net-Snmp, Bacula, Zend Frameworkd, Doctrine, nginx, LinuxKit, octocatalog-diff, proxysql, jenkins S3 plugin, jenkins EC2 plugin...)