Nginx upload progress module v0.8!

less than 1 minute read

Yes, I know… I released v0.7 less than a month ago. But this release was crippled by a crash that could happen at start or reload.


Bonus in this new version, brought to you by Tizoc:

  • JSONP support
  • Long awaited fix for X-Progress-ID to be the last parameter in the request parameter

If you wonder what JSONP is (as I did when I got the merge request), you can check the original blog post that lead to it.

To activate JSONP you need:

  1. to use the upload_progress_jsonp_output in the progress probe location
  2. declare the JSONP parameter with the upload_progress_jsonp_parameter

This version has been tested with 0.7.64 and 0.8.30.

How do you get it?

Easy, download the tarball from the nginx upload progress module github repository download section.

If you want to report a bug, please use the Github issue section.