Devopsdays Paris For Real!

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Paris is more and more becoming the DevOps place to be. We (apparently) successfully rebooted the Paris DevOps Meetups, with already two events so far, and two more already in the pipeline (stay tuned for the announcements).

We’re now announcing and pushing hard the Paris edition of devopsdays (well we’re quite under the shadow of devopsdays London at this time; I take this as an extension to our long time friendly fight with Britons :)

The Paris edition of DevOpsDays is being held 18 - 19 April 2013, and we want you to be a part of it! This conference brings together speakers and attendees from around the world, with a focus on DevOps culture, techniques, and best practices.

devopsdays Paris

The format is simple: talks in the morning, and open/hack spaces in the afternoon. We’ve done 17 very successful events on 5 continents, and we’re looking forward to another great edition here!

Perhaps you’re curious, “what exactly is DevOps?”

Well if you already follow this blog, or my twitter account you might already know what is under this term. The term is, of course, a portmanteau of Development and Operations, and is perhaps best thought of as a cultural movement within the IT world. It stresses communication, collaboration and integration between software developers and IT professionals. DevOps is a response to, and evolution of, the interdependence of software development and IT operations.

The conference itself will be held at the MAS. Tickets can be purchased for one or both days, and include full access to the talks and spaces, as well as a catered lunch.

What’s more, we’re currently offering 25% off of the ticket price - just use the code WELOVEDEVOPS when you register. This is a limited-time offer (until the end of this week), so don’t delay!

And, of course, the Call for Proposals is still open until 20 March 2013.

Finally, we invite you to peruse the list of proposals, and to comment and vote for your favorite ones!

So if you had to choose one devopsdays this year, choose ours and come

  • exchange with lots of talented French people
  • taste French food and wine
  • learn how we do devops in 3 hours of work per day (just kidding of course)
  • smell the fragrance of Paris in spring (there won’t be any more snow, I promise)
  • visit the City of Lights

Looking forward to seeing you in April!