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Journey in a software world…

Software Contributions

Puppet Work

I contributed a few features for Puppet, including:
  • Complex if expression parsing and evaluation
  • Various language based bug fixes
  • Runit and Daemontools service provider
  • Puppet Manifest Documentation
  • An storedconfigs performance improvement patch (which will appear in 0.24.8)
  • a refactor of the various applications (the so-called Application Controller patch)
  • the upcoming Thin Storeconfig patch in 0.25
  • the REST authorization sub-system for 0.25
  • various bug and test fixes
  • Puppet DSL regexes for 0.25: node regexes, if/case/selector regexes
  • File streaming patch for 2.6
  • Client HTTP compression for 2.6
  • Puppet DSL Hashes for 2.6
  • Certificate fingerprinting for 2.6

Puppet TextMate Bundle

I contributed to the Puppet community a TextMate bundle for the Puppet Manifest language.

Nginx Upload Progress Module

Based on the lighttpd upload progress module idea, I contributed the same kind of feature for our beloved webserver Nginx. More information available on the Nginx Upload Progress Module github page.

Nginx SSL patches

Those SSL nginx patch have been merged in Nginx 0.8.7!

Mysql-SNMP - a SNMP agent for MySQL, includes OpenNMS graphs

I wrote for Days of Wonder a Net-SNMP perl subagent to monitor MySQL servers with SNMP and the associate OpenNMS configuration to display the graphs. This work is based on the excellent MySQL Cacti Templates.

The Rest

I also contributed various bug fixes to numerous projects (Net-Snmp, Bacula, Zend Frameworkd, Doctrine…)